Services Available for Residential & Commercial

We ensure our residential clients are provided top quality service and receive what they pay for. Let Complete Installz help you with your next residential tile installation.  If you are in the Thunder Bay area, we are a phone call away.

In the Commercial tiling industry, there is no limit to what we can do to help freshen up the look and appeal to your clients.

High traffic flooring and tiling available.  Alternative tiling options such as faux wood, bamboo or natural stone tiling available.  We also create accent feature walls and offer several different options for commercial tiling needs.

Custom Bathroom

Wanna move things around in your bathroom? Take out a wall or build a custom shower? we take care of it all, call us to setup meeting to go over your bathroom remodel

Designers we’ve worked with

Products we Use

Services that suit all your renovation needs

Tile Services

Installation for your floors, walls, showers, backsplashes, saunas, fireplaces and pretty much anywhere you wanna put tile.

Commericial Bathrooms

No Project too big for us. Our Team has the skill to do everything, the whole job, not just pieces like other contractors. We are on the tools and on site during the entire project to make sure all trades are scheduled properly to ensure the project gets finish right and on time.

Residential Bathrooms

We can handle your complete bathroom remodel for start to finish, turn key bathrooms are our specialty whether its a basic shower surround system in an investment property, or a beautiful steam shower we have you covered.

Services that suit all your renovation needs

Services that suit all your renovation needs